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Omaha by Design was founded in 2001 by three forward-thinking community leaders as an effort to help make Omaha a better city by interjecting urban design principles and policy into the city’s master plan and ongoing development. The organization has worked for over a decade with city, public, and private stakeholders to conceptualize, create, and refine a series of critical landmark overlays, amendments, and policies that have been adopted and approved by Omaha Mayor and City Council. Omaha by Design has also facilitated or implemented large and small demonstration projects throughout the city to create illustrative examples of current best practice in urban design and policy. 

Our Mission

Contributing to a thriving metro by convening, engaging, educating, and advocating for excellence in urban design and policy.

Our Priorities

  1. Convene, direct, and encourage collaboration within the design community—Facilitate collaborative action among developers, planners, designers, regulators, and other practitioners for an improved city by including participants in conversations and by serving as a clearinghouse.  
  2. Educate on urban design and city policies + procedures—Inform the community about urban design and policy principles and the choices available for our city’s future by providing and supporting education opportunities for all levels of learners. 
  3. Advocate for best practices and excellence in urban design and policy—Encourage all elected officials and all stakeholders to make forward-thinking decisions regarding urban design and policy issues for the betterment of our city by providing information on current research, best practices, and standards of excellence that address relevant issues. 
  4. Encourage engagement in urban design and policy—Collaboratively encourage, develop, and implement methods by which the public and other secotrs can provide timely, relevant, input at an earlier stage in planning and development processes. 

Our Leadership

Board of Directors

Advisory Council

Our Support

Omaha by Design relies upon the support of corporate, family and public philanthropy. We also rely on technical experts and other volunteers who participate in all of our projects. For more information, call (402) 934-7055 or email info@omahabydesign.org.

Our Office

618 S. 11th Street • Omaha, NE 68102 • (402) 943-7055