our mission

Omaha by Design is an urban design nonprofit that works to improve the physical places in our city – where we live, work, learn, shop, worship, exercise and play. We’re helping to build a community that makes a high quality of life accessible to all. Omaha by Design uses urban design principles as tools to address the issues of revitalization, development, environmental sustainability and mobility while encouraging the creation of engaging and attractive places.

We facilitate planning and outreach, convene stakeholders and share current best practices from around the word. Omaha by Design educates all those we come in contact with through our work.

Scholars tell us that the place we live shapes who we are as people and how we relate to the world, but the converse is also true. We have the capacity to shape the places we live, and Omaha by Design seeks to enhance that capacity.

We are working to create a city where there are more places to enjoy the wonder of nature, to shop, to explore by bike or foot; more appreciation for our historic treasures and our rich public art; more streets that welcome all users, and more places to buy fresh and healthy food – a city that is smart, connected, meaningful, engaging, sustainable and successful.

Founded in 2001, Omaha by Design offices in the Barbara Weitz Community Engagement Center at the University of Nebraska at Omaha.

our leadership

our support

Omaha by Design relies upon the support of corporate, family and public philanthropy. We also rely on technical experts and other volunteers who participate in all of our projects. For more information, call 402.934.7055 or email info@omahabydesign.org.