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Host a Place Game Workshop

The Place Game, a free service of Omaha by Design, is a fun, easy and organized way of helping neighborhood and civic groups brainstorm potential improvements to the public spaces in their corner of the city. Place Game workshops are offered from March through October. For more information, call 402.934.7055 or email


Omaha by Design is supported by a large volunteer base whose service ranges from facilitating Place Game workshops to donating professional expertise on working committees for various projects. Omaha by Design has estimated the gross in-kind contribution of its volunteers to be nearly $300,000 annually. To find out more about volunteer opportunities at Omaha by Design, call 402.934.7055 or email


Omaha by Design relies upon the support of corporate and family philanthropists for operating expenses. Fund raising is conducted for individual projects. The organization has also partnered with the Omaha Community Foundation to publish The Omaha Catalogue of Urban Design Philanthropy. For more information about donating to Omaha by Design, call 402.934.7055 or email