community health

The Active Omaha goal seeks to help Omaha become an active community that supports healthy lifestyles with multiple and diverse environments to promote physical activity for all people in every season.

Can you walk, bike or take the bus to the places you frequent in Omaha? Are there sidewalks, trails, bike lanes and well-marked street crossings in your neighborhood? Believe it or not, these things can help make or break the overall health of our community, as can access to affordable, healthy food and personal decision making that supports healthy living.

The Community Health section of the Environmental Element seeks to help Omaha improve and increase:

  • Neighborhoods with mixed uses and connectivity to destinations
  • Parks, open spaces and recreational facilities
  • Access to and availability of healthy foods
  • Access to health services and economic opportunities
  • Walking, biking and public transit
  • High quality, healthy and affordable housing
  • Safe and healthy neighborhoods and public spaces
  • Environmental quality