financing tools for urban redevelopment: white paper

Omaha by Design has commissioned a white paper on topics stemming from recommendations outlined in the Environmental Element, the section of the City of Omaha’s master plan that lays out a new environmental vision for the community.

Financing Tools for Urban Redevelopment was prepared for Omaha by Design by Can Chen and Dr. Carol Ebdon from the University of Nebraska at Omaha’s School of Public Administration. It identifies financing tools to help encourage urban redevelopment in the Omaha area and throughout Nebraska.

Existing tools available within the City of Omaha are identified, and potential options used in other states and communities are presented. Case studies help illustrate the application of these tools.

“There’s still a large amount of area in Omaha that’s in need of redevelopment and revitalization,” said Connie Spellman, director of Omaha by Design. According to statistics provided by the City of Omaha Planning Department, the total area of all property, both vacant and built, that is designated as blighted and substandard is more than 16,000 acres. The redevelopment areas are predominantly east of 72nd Street in North and South Omaha, with the majority in the area between Pacific and Fort streets.

For more information or to request printed copies of the report, contact Omaha by Design at 402.934.7055.