natural environment

The natural habitats goal seeks to preserve, protect and restore natural communities, ecosystems and their processes and habitat; and provide for the needs of native species in balance with human habitation.

The air, climate, landforms, water features, and plant and animal communities within our city are part of our identity and quality of life. They help form the basis of who we are and how we think.

The Natural Environment section of the Environmental Element seeks to help Omaha:

  • Preserve and restore important natural features, views that enhance the city’s setting and other connections with nature that improve the community’s quality of life
  • Apply a systems-oriented approach to urban solutions
  • Design the urban pattern of development to integrate natural features into an open space and recreation network that extends throughout the community
  • Prioritize the health and integrity of the natural environment and the associated benefits to people when making decisions
  • Strive for a regenerative impact on the environment at all scales of development – from individual sites to the whole community – that will minimize energy consumption, support renewable energy, provide food on a local scale, and ensure that air and water are clean