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Taking It Slow

  • We need to talk. Talk about issues of sustainability with your neighbors by getting involved with your local neighborhood association. If you live in Omaha and don’t know if there is an active neighborhood group in your area, contact the Neighborhood Center at 402.561.7582.
  • Be a nark. Report violations of environmental regulations. This could include late night dumping, tampering with emission control or air conditioning systems in automobiles, or improper storage/disposal of hazardous wastes. Report issues locally or to the Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality.
  • Play nice. Hold a Place Game workshop in your neighborhood. The Place Game, a free service of Omaha by Design, is a fun and organized way of brainstorming improvements to the public spaces in your corner of the city. Place Game workshops are offered from March through October. For more information, contact Omaha by Design at 402.554.4010.
  • Keep it clean. Sweep up litter and debris from sidewalks, driveways and parking lots, especially around storm drains. This keeps debris and dangerous pollutants out of the city’s water system.
  • Ding dong. Take a tour of homes in Omaha that have undergone green home improvement projects. You’ll be inspired by their efforts. Visit the Green Omaha Coalition for details.

We’re Talking Commitment

  • Are you going to finish that? Encourage local companies and industries to put food surpluses to good use rather than into the trash.
  • Eat local. Farmer’s markets offer a wide selection of locally raised produce and protein for reasonable prices. You’ll know where your food is coming from and how far it travelled to make it to your table.
  • In the know. Check out the U.S. Green Building Council’s Nebraska Flatwater Chapter, the state’s best source for green building education, advocacy and collaboration.
  • Be aware of the air. Choose to be aware of Nebraska’s environment. Use tools like the EPA’s My Environment to keep updated on the condition of air and water quality.
  • Detective mode. Investigate the possibility of starting a community garden in your part of the city. In Omaha, City Sprouts and the BIG Garden are bringing fresh foods to neighborhoods throughout the metro.