urban form

The transportation network goal seeks to develop and operate a transportation network that moves people and freight within and through the metropolitan area efficiently, maximizing access and minimizing vehicle miles traveled, energy consumed and pollutants emitted.

In 1950, Omaha’s population density (the number of people per unit of area) was about 6,000 people per square mile. Today, it’s substantially lower – about 3,650 people per square mile. What are we doing, or not doing, with all that space?

The Urban Form & Transportation section of the Environmental Element seeks to help Omaha:

  • Accommodate its potential urban population within a compact, contiguous urban area
  • Productively and effectively use all land within its 2010 municipal limits
  • Support an efficient city form with a balanced transportation network that increases the role of low-impact and active transportation modes in providing access to all parts of the city