Downtown Omaha Wayfinding Project


Color will be used to signify one of five code destination categories.

On any given day, the streets and sidewalks of downtown Omaha are filled with thousands of locals and visitors. A growing number are living and working in the vicinity, while others may have traveled across states and continents to take in the city’s list of first-rate attractions. What’s missing from this mix is a comprehensive signage system that meets the pedestrian and motorist needs of this diverse group and reflects Omaha’s image as a premier Midwestern city. The answer?

The Downtown Wayfinding Project.

Spearheaded by the Mayor’s Office and the City of Omaha Department of Planning, the project was developed by Joel Katz Design Associates based on input from an advisory committee and local stakeholder groups. The proposed system consists of three components – pedestrian destination panels, pedestrian maps and vehicular signs. With the pedestrian signs and maps, color will be used to signify one of five code destination categories:

  • Omaha
  • Cultural
  • Public
  • Open Space
  • Transit

Among the planned features on the pedestrian maps are “You are here” markers, parking structures to help visitors return to their cars and recommended walking streets.

Funding is currently sought for implementation. For more information, call 402.934.7055 or email