vinton street project

the project

The buildings along Vinton Street, built between 1890 and 1923, reflect a rich mix of architectural styles.

The Vinton Street Project – a partnership of Omaha by Design, the City of Omaha and local stakeholders with support from the Greater Omaha Chamber – is designed to give property owners more options for preserving the character of the Vinton Street corridor. It will combine the use of traditional historic preservation tools with one of the city’s urban design tools to create what’s known as a Neighborhood Conservation and Enhancement (NCE) Overlay District.

The NCE Overlay District allows the City of Omaha – in cooperation with neighborhood business districts and neighborhood groups – to identify those physical characteristics of an area that a neighborhood feels are of special importance and create “form-based” regulations to preserve and protect those features.

the area

The specific project area will be determined as the project progresses. At a minimum, it will encompass the existing Vinton Street National Register District.

the process

  • Creating a stakeholder committee, which will provide input to the project team throughout the process. It will include property owners, neighborhood representatives and other community leaders.
  • Documenting the Vinton Street neighborhood’s physical and historic characteristics.
  • Completing a detailed physical survey covering public spaces, building forms and massing, and architectural styles and ornamentation.
  • Developing a catalogue that provides a visual, comprehensive breakdown of the neighborhood’s physical characteristics.
  • Creating an NCE Overlay District Guidebook that outlines the process and procedures for other neighborhoods to follow in the future.
  • Holding workshops for the neighborhood’s property owners to present the survey findings and discuss the catalogue content. The first workshop will focus on informing local stakeholders about the characteristics that make their neighborhood unique and why they are important to protect. The second workshop will focus on identifying the particular features the neighborhood wants to include in the NCE Overlay District for protection and regulation.
  • Creating an NCE Overlay District and its regulations, which will then be presented to the Omaha Planning Board and the Omaha City Council for their respective consideration.

the partners

  • Vinton Street neighborhood property owners, residents and community leaders
  • Deer Park Neighborhood Association
  • Omaha by Design
  • Jensen Consulting
  • City of Omaha
  • Greater Omaha Chamber


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