neighborhood guide

preserving character, enhancing vibrancy

Vinton Street businesses, neighbors and advocates created a Historic NCE District with help from the City of Omaha and Omaha by Design. Pictured above, a sidewalk in the district.

Too often, older high quality buildings are carelessly altered or demolished and replaced with structures that don’t fit in with the original character of the neighborhood. When this happens, it can drastically change the character of an area, making once active, walkable places less pedestrian friendly and more disjointed.

One way to prevent the loss of an area’s historic character is through the use of a Historic Neighborhood Conservation and Enhancement (NCE) Overlay District. An NCE District is a zoning tool designed to provide a measure of local control in protecting historically significant buildings and neighborhoods.

Through a series of meetings with staff from the City of Omaha Planning Department, neighborhood residents, businesses and property owners can create a set of standards to guide the sensitive renovation of existing structures while ensuring that new development matches key characteristics of the neighborhood’s historic structures. By working together, the process helps create a vibrant and cohesive district while avoiding artificial historic imitation.

To help groups better understand the process, Omaha by Design has partnered with the City of Omaha and Steven Jensen Consulting to create “A Neighborhood Guide to Creating a Historic NCE District in Omaha.” It includes sections on:

  • the project components and process
  • a process check list
  • frequently asked questions
  • helpful resources

You can download this free neighborhood guidebook from the link below. For more information about the process, contact the City of Omaha Planning Department via phone at 402.444.5150 or via mail at 1819 Farnam St., Omaha, NE 68183-1100. For printed copies of the neighborhood guidebook, contact Omaha by Design at 402.934.7055.