Suburban Parks Master Plan

Zorinsky Lake and Park

Omaha is a city of parks – neighborhood, community and regional.

The Omaha Suburban Park System Master Plan has been extensively used by the public and private sectors to help guide the growth of park and open spaces in suburban Omaha.

The update to this plan, completed in 2008, makes minor amendments to coincide with recent development opportunities. The update provides more detail with specific regard to the design of the suburban boulevard system. Costs have been updated to reflect the changing market conditions. Also, the implementation strategy has changed to ensure a financially sound park system in the future.

The plan is composed of four elements:

  • a revised locator map
  • park sites, boulevards, historic and cultural areas, and natural areas
  • a funding approach
  • policies and procedures

For more information about Omaha’s Suburban Park System Master Plan Update, call 402.934.7055 or email