about gis

Geographic information systems (GIS) integrate hardware, software and data for capturing, managing, analyzing and displaying all forms of geographically referenced information.

The Benson-Ames Alliance GIS web site pertains to the geographic area bound by Sorensen Parkway on the north, Western Avenue on the south, Saddle Creek Road/Fontenelle Boulevard on the east and 72nd Street on the west. It provides access to the information contained in the Benson-Ames Alliance Plan, a guide for revitalizing this historic sector of Omaha, in an easy-to-use format.

Click on the legend for a listing of the information by category. Users can zoom in, zoom out and pan by clicking on the globe in the left-hand corner of the screen and then clicking on the appropriate icons (click on the hand to pan, click on the plus and minus signs to zoom in and out, respectively).

Check back often, as new layers of information will be added to the site over time.